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BulletProof Rehabs Masterclass ($2,994)

Private Funding Masterclass ($1,997)

Bulletproof Contract & Template Library ($4,999)

90 days of Profit Drive (plus 100 free postcards) ($1,297)

Rehab Estimator Pro Subscription (Invaluable)

Matt's Private WhatsApp Channel ($2,000)

Fast Action Limited Time Bonus

1-on-1 Business Jumpstart Consult ($497)

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With my order today I get to keep the Bulletproof Rehabs Course for LIFE! Separately, I also get 3 months FREE of the Rehab Estimator Pro software, which I can cancel anytime by contacting If I don't cancel before my 90 day trial ends, I will be billed just $49 per month. I have also read and agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

Anne M.

"Sooo easy to use.

Now I don't even have to take my husband or my contractor. I feel comfortable with the numbers.

I still have my contractor follow up, AFTER I have a signed offer so I don't waste his time on tire-kicker sellers." 

Jason F.

"So, the best part of the estimator is handing the tablet to a seller and having them check the boxes.

Kind of hard to object when you checked that it needed a roof and windows and gutters. Seller wanted to see what I was doing, so I showed her and she took it over.

Great Result. Seller even thanked me for the education."

Karl H.

"I purchased a property through a sheriff sale and am financing the whole thing through a bank, based off 75% of appraised value.

The appraised value is based off the repairs that we will be doing to the place. I used the contractors sheet without costs to show the appraiser what we were going to do to the place. He said that he has never seen anything more detailed or professional. Just another way you can utilize this great tool. Thanks!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You've probably heard lots of stories of "nightmare rehabs." Why experience any of that stress and lost profit? You couldn't find a better time to master the rehab process like a pro than before you get in hot water, because you forgot an important detail, a contractor messed with you, or you made a bad offer on a property!

If you're nailing your rehabs every time, maybe you're already doing them like a Pro! That said, by taking the six-week course you're going to get access to so many other resources that you'll find really useful, like the Bulletproof Contracts, access to Profit Drive and our Private Money Course. Plus, you'll get to test drive REP for three months!

We've set the course up to be completed over a six week period. This enables you to take in a lot of new information and have time to make sure you understand the concepts, practice them and implement them into your business before moving on to the next session. You'll be able to begin applying what you learn and use the REP software on your property walk-throughs right away!

The Bulletproof Contracts document set is designed to give you good templates for all the various business agreements you need to do successful rehabs. However, you should not simply use them as-is, because your state may have laws or regulations that differ from other states and may require certain language in agreements, or require specific forms or formats that differ from the Bulletproof Contracts document set. For that reason, we highly recommend that you have local legal counsel as part of your A-Team. You'll still save lots of time and money on legal fees by starting with these documents instead of from scratch!

Numbers drive everything in real estate. Accurate numbers generate good deal outcomes, because they help you know what to offer, what a project will cost and how much money you'll need to get it done. Inaccurate numbers wreck deals and destroy trust. The Bulletproof Rehabs method, combined with Rehab Estimator Pro will give you accurate numbers, because it's the most comprehensive tool of its kind, with more than 60 checkpoints, industry standard values for every U.S. zip code and calculators to arrive at proper ARV every time. REP combined with the in-depth training you'll get from the Bulletproof Rehabs course is already trusted by thousands of industry professionals and provides defensible numbers that sellers, investors, lenders and contractors can rely upon.

Absolutely! Both REP and Profit Drive were designed by real estate industry professionals not Geek Squad techies! They're smart but simple to use and they can save you hundreds of hours every year, while giving you razor sharp rehab cost estimates and a full pipeline of deals to look at. Don't let fear of technology scare you away from the best rehab training you'll ever find. A ten year old can use REP and so can you!

You can discontinue your free access to both REP and Profit Drive at any time prior to the end of your initial 90-day free trial. Just contact us at One your free trial ends, you'll be automatically subscribed to REP and Profit Drive and we'll bill the card we have on file for you on a monthly basis for each product

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