Our Mission

Our mission is to help make analyzing your project costs the easiest part of running your business.

The Values We Live By

01 People before profits

02 Dedicated to growth

03 Selfless team player

04 Open and honest communication


Meet The Guys

Matt Hedstrom


With over 20 years in real estate and contracting experience there isn’t a problem that Matt can’t find a solution for. His unique knowledge, contacts, and experience are all put to work helping him find the best solution for his clients.

Along with Short Sale Experts LLC (a national short sale negotiating company) Matt runs a successful General Contracting business and is a licensed contractor. He is experienced with rehabbing residential homes for purchase or rent to own, acquisitions and sales of residential and commercial investment property, and managing large scale commercial projects. His investment company, Sell Fast With Us, is a fully-automated machine that sends out thousands of pieces of direct mail.

Matt and his wife of twenty-one years, Lu, have 6 amazing kids ranging in age from 3 to 21. He has a huge heart for mission work and travels around the world leading about 5-6 trips a year building churches and houses. Other hobbies include reading, hunting, kiteboarding and surfing.

Damon Remy is the other half of Rehab Estimator Pro. Before jumping into the REI world, he painfully worked a J.O.B. where he’ll readily admit he was a terrible employee who constantly thought, “I can do this so much better.”

Now free from a "normal" job, his total focus is on doing it better, dreaming it bigger, building for the future, listening to the community needs, and ensuring the entire REP team understands the company mission and purpose, so their hearts, as well as their minds, are engaged every day.

He’s a self-taught tech enthusiast who got his start in computer technology from the Marine Corps when he was thrown into maintaining their network. He fell in love with technology then and there. Like every good tinkerer, he purposely broke everything so he could figure out how it worked.

An exuberant father to his 4 kids Dallas, Kenna, Mya and Dax (which includes coaching them in basketball in his spare time,) and one heck of a singer (who landed his wife, Jackie, with a karaoke song,) Damon believes that helping others succeed is the best way to spend your time.

Damon Remy


Start Doing Bulletproof Rehabs By Having a Failsafe Method for Calculating Costs to Maximize Your Profits

If you’re serious about developing a real real estate business, it’s time to stop winging it, start killing it and build the bank account, professional respect and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed about.