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Straight up “The Best Tool” for any investor, but especially a rookie!

Know what the pros know, for real, then have it waiting at a portable printer on the coffee table, with not 1, not 2, but 3+ options that hit the mark! If you can’t sell with this...

Accurately Calculate Rehab Costs BEFORE You Buy

Discovering you made a simple, yet costly mistake AFTER you purchase your property is too late. Rehab Estimator Pro takes your "gut-feeling" and "winging it" out of the equation, ensures all your costs are correct, and eliminates those heart-stopping, surprise phone calls that lead to delays and losses.

"Sooo easy to use.

Now I don't even have to take my husband or my contractor. I feel comfortable with the numbers.

I still have my contractor follow up, AFTER I have a signed offer so I don't waste his time on tire-kicker sellers." 

Anne M.

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Win More Bids

It doesn’t matter whether you buy and rent out properties, you flip them, or you wholesale them...You make your profit (or you don’t!) when you buy. Rehab Estimator Pro turns you into a trusted professional in the eyes of sellers, contractors, lenders, and investors who love doing business with you and your bulletproof numbers.

"I purchased a property through a sheriff sale and am financing the whole thing through a bank, based off 75% of appraised value.

The appraised value is based off the repairs that we will be doing to the place. I used the contractors sheet without costs to show the appraiser what we were going to do to the place. He said that he has never seen anything more detailed or professional. Just another way you can utilize this great tool. Thanks!"

Karl H

On Time,
On Budget,
And With Maximum Profit

Remove the stress of your contractor relationships because they know your numbers never lie, and they're dealing with a pro.

"So, the best part of the estimator is handing the tablet to a seller and having them check the boxes.

Kind of hard to object when you checked that it needed a roof and windows and gutters. Seller wanted to see what I was doing, so I showed her and she took it over.

Great Result. Seller even thanked me for the education."

Jason F.