How To Prep An Offer On A Flip Property

Walk Properties Like A Contractor

It's important to know what to look for when walking properties before you make an offer. If you miss something big, that can absolutely destroy your bottom line. In this training we'll show you how to include important repairs that the house needs so you'll know that you don't have any surprises after you've bought the house.

There are many steps to think about and this will help you make it easy and to follow a step by step process to move from the outside of the house, to the complete interior.  We'll give you a checklist system to make it easy, and even be able to email or print the offer to the seller in minutes. This process is so easy you can send your assistant to look at the houses, or even do it virtually with a video from the seller.

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Find Your First Motivated Seller

Do you want to find your first deal? Check out the REP Challenge where we can help you find your first deal, and we'll walk you through the process of how to talk to the seller and submit your offer.