Run Comps Like a Pro!

How To Run A Comp On A Property

Learn how to run a comp like a pro! Every new investor needs to know how to run a comp on a property to make sure that the value of the home after you fix it up still allows you to make a profit. We wouldn't want to make an offer on the home where the repairs and our offer are greater than the average of the comparable homes in the area.

These comps are a must to make sure that we remain profitable on our deals, in the evaluation phase before we make an offer or are buying a house at an auction. We will then begin to paint a clearer picture to know that our numbers will or won't work on an investment property.

It can also help you make the decision on what route you'll go on the property as you renovate it to remain profitable with the deal. This video will help explain the entire process of running your first comp.

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