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In a number of our recent networking meetings I’ve come across a number of people who barely know how to even spell Real Estate Investing.  One recently did not even know what ARV meant (After Repair Value).  As an educator/mentor this bothers me.  Once a quarter I teach a 2 hour “Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing” for the REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) that I belong to. 

Normally, they are in person but for the last 2 they have been virtual, and I recorded them.  I upload them to SCREIA (Stark County Real Estate Investors Association) and put them into their products section.  No, they are not free, but close enough.  Hey, the REIA is non-profit and needs some income.  So, for approx. $30 you can view/listen to the most recent one.  If you were a member of the REIA it would be free.

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“The Path” – taught vs reality of Real Estate Investing

Many investors think: First you wholesale to get some money, then you use that money to get a rental, then you do it again till you have 4 or 5 rentals.  Then if you are going big, you upgrade to a duplex, triplex, or 4-unit.  After a few years you upgrade from those small multi-family (10 unit) and then to large multi-unit apartments of 30 units. 

This seems like a great path.  But that takes forever and most people get stuck along that path and never move on or give up.  From a course standpoint, selling a wholesaling course is the easiest and ‘makes a lot of sense’.  But that’s a pretty limited view of the way real estate investing operates.  Get the bigger picture and you may start someplace else.  Get educated.

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